ejs weather  


Whether you’re a commodity trader, a large agribusiness, a local area cooperative, or operate an individual farm/ranch, weather plays a key role in your day-to-day operations. At EJS Weather we specialize in providing meteorological information that is tailored to the agriculture industry. From the daily weather forecasts to the long-range climatological outlook we have it covered. Following is a list of agriculture weather products we offer to help prepare and plan for your daily Ag operations:

• Site Specific Daily Weather Forecasts

• State/Regional Ag Weather Outlooks

• National Ag Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts

• Seasonal Ag Weather Outlooks

• Frost/Freeze Forecastsbr>
• Growing Degree Day Charts and Forecasts

• Weather Data for Planting/Harvesting

• Specialized Wind Forecast for Spraying

• Heat Stress/Wind Chill Advisories

• Detailed Climate Discussions and Forecasts