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Letter from the President

My name is Eric Schmidt and I am President of EJS Weather. I am an experienced professional forecast meteorologist and have a good understanding of how weather impacts various industries. At EJS Weather, our forecasting experience encompasses the entire globe. Whether it is a domestic location, an exotic setting in the Mediterranean, or a remote corner in the Arctic, we have the resources to provide you with the weather information that you need.

There is a large amount of free weather information on the Internet. The majority of this information and forecasts tend to be “computer generated” and as a result becomes too generalized and less accurate for what a weather sensitive industry needs. For the most part these “computer generated” forecasts are adequate for the general public and can be used to see if it’s ok to plan an outdoor activity. However, when accurate weather forecasts are a must these tend to fall short because the human element is often times left out. Even though computer generated forecasts have become better over the past few years they can never replace an experienced meteorologists insight. It takes attention to detail, knowledge of the laws of physics, thermodynamics, local and regional climatology, and knowing how to interpret and apply the model guidance in order to prepare an accurate and reliable forecast.

Why should you pay for customized weather forecasts when so much weather information is available for free? Simply put, our forecasts include the human factor. Our experienced meteorologists at EJS Weather give attention to details. We know how to interpret and apply model guidance, and understand local, regional, and global climatology. We are passionate about weather and personally prepare each forecast with the client in mind. EJS Weather is committed to helping your company run efficiently by providing the accurate and timely weather information you need.

Eric J. Schmidt
President, EJS Weather
Email: eric.schmidt@ejsweather.com